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Benefits of a Rotationally Molded Product


Unlike injection moulding, rotationally moulded products are produced in an environment where there is absolutely no stress due to high pressure. Pressure and high temperatures can weaken the material and result in a less durable product.

Rotationally molded products are immensely impact proof and will not crack. Because of this, our products could last a lifetime.


Our bins are manufactured using ‘Linear Medium Density Polyethylene’. This material has superior strength and greater impact properties when compared to high and medium density polyethylene. The linear molecular structure makes this material exceptionally strong and able to withstand harsh conditions that are normally found in the waste containment environment.


Rotoplastics is committed to protecting the environment, we recycle most of our products. Our recycled material is used only in NON FOOD products such as Septic Tanks and Pallets.

Our company has embarked on a nationwide environmental clean-up campaign whereby we will collect and discard all old water tanks.

Consistent Wall Thickness

Rotational moulding offers design advantages over other processes and also has a number of inherent design strengths, such as consistent wall thickness.

This process increases wall thickness in corners and undercuts, eliminating potential weak spots in the product. Reinforcing ribs are also added to provide additional strength to most of our products. Consistent wall thickness means a better quality product.

Mould-in Graphics

We can permanently mould your logo or graphic on to any of our products. Unlike painting or regular labels that normally fail under harsh conditions, mould-in graphics are not easily removed and will not fade. This ensures that your company name or logo will remain on the product throughout the product life cycle.